Our Services


Swedish Dreams

Enjoy light touch massage with long pressured strokes and soft kneading to stretch muscles and relax your body.
60 Minutes - $85
90 minutes - $125
$ 85

Deep Tissue/Sports

Is a combination of slow, deep pressure strokes to relieve congestion of muscle tissue. It addresses deep muscle issues and can relieve chronic tissue damage due to overuse or injury.
60 Minutes - $95
90 minutes - $140
$ 95


With focus on the pressure points that correspond to all points throughout your body, your feet are massaged using deep pressure and kneading, leaving you feeling balanced and energized.
30 Minutes - $40
$ 40


Basic Maternity Massage

A variety of techniques are used to ease sore muscles and relieve tension throughout the body. You are placed in a supported position that is safe and comfortable for you and your baby.
60 Minutes - $85
30 minutes - $45
$ 85


Helps relieve aches and pains, as many women deal with aching shoulders, necks and upper backs from all those hours of holding, nursing and loving that newborn.
60 Minutes - $85
30 minutes - $45
$ 85


Chez Luxury

A luxurious aromatherapy facial complete with massage, hot steam towels, cleansing, balancing enzyme mask, extractions, toner and hydration.
$ 85

Express Treatment

A quick 30 minute facial with cleanse, exfoliation, steam and hydration masks.
$ 55


A gentle exfoliation wand removes the top layer of dead facial skin erasing acne scars, age spots and freckles due to sun damage, fine lines and aging. This treatment is non invasive and helps to rebuild your natural collagen leaving a new layer of baby soft skin. Series of 4 treatments - $425
$ 125

A Little Lift

Mini-Lift using micro current to tighten and tone facial muscles while building collagen for a younger looking you. Best when used in a series of 4 treatments or more. Series of 4 treatments - $200
$ 55

Make your Spa Experience perfect with add on treatments


Glycolic or Lactic Acid Peel
$ 35

Paraffin Wax Hands or Feet

$ 10

Eye Treatment

$ 30

Face Collagen

$ 40


Brow Shaping

Shape eye brow according to your request.
$ 25 & up

Lip & Chin

Upper/lower lip or chin hair removal
$ 15 & up


Basic bikini line hair removal
$ 30 & up

Extended Bikini

$ 40 & up


$ 55 & up

Full legs

Full leg hair removal from bikini line to ankle
$ 75 & up

Full arms

Hair removal from shoulder to wrist
$ 55 & up


Hair removal from neck to waist back
$ 50 & up


Hair removal from neck to waist front
$ 50 & up

*We use hard or soft wax for sensitive skin and tweezers when necessary. The area is cleaned and treated before and after hair removal.

Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Body Wrap

Using a customized blend of essential oils, your body is brushed with warm oil and wrapped in blankets. A light shoulder and foot massage is given for further relaxation. To complete the treatment, the oil is removed with hot steam towels leaving silky smooth skin.
$ 85

Body Exfoliation

We use sugar scrub and aromatherapy oils to exfoliate the skin while hydrating your body. The sugar scrub is removed with hot steam towels leaving silky smooth skin. Great before a spray tan treatment.
$ 55

Detox Foot Bath

Soak in warm water while unwanted toxins are removed from the body. **Followed by a reflexology massage and warm lavender paraffin dip . **see below for addition prices
$ 50

Reflexology 30 minutes

$ 35

Warm Lavender Paraffin Dip

$ 10


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